One of the best things I’ve seen on Tumblr in a long time. The reactions from the young man are priceless, especially when he questions the soldier about having to leave. I see a young man raised in bigotry trying to be like his Dad, but feeling very uncertain and uncomfortable with his Dad’s belief’s. Maybe this will be the defining moment when this young man becomes a real man and chooses not to be like his Dad, instead he chooses to be his own man with his own beliefs. One can always hope.


I’m raising support for a possible charity mixtape called “Healing”. 100% of profits would be donated to school shooting victims and families.

I need to raise enough interest to get the studio to record it with me. <— if you take 10 seconds out of your day to like this and reblog this post, you could make a world of difference in thousands of lives.

Thanks for any and all support guys. Lets get this to circulate!